Mission, vision, values

A. Mission

To contribute to rising standards of living by using our talents and energy to develop solutions that add value to people's lives by providing people with peace of mind, convenience, and possibility in banking sector.

B. Vision

To grow and become a leading bank by adding value to every life we touch in each of our areas of operation with reliable teams empowered by our innovative, entrepreneurial spirit.

C. Our Core Values and Work principles

Our people are led by the following fundamental work principles & core values:


Our Core Values:

·       Fairness

·       Work from the Heart

·       Reputation

·       People Oriented

·       Innovation

·       Agility

·       Sustainability

·       Integrity    

·       Confidentiality

·       Transparency

Our Work Principles:

·       Teamwork 

·       Accountability   

·       Open Communication

·       Quality       

·       Efficiency

·       Customer focus



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