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Dear clients,

We hereby inform you that starting from February 1, 2015; Republic of Kosova will begin to apply the IBAN standard (International Bank Account Number) for international payments. The implementation of IBAN will improve the efficiency of international payments.

What is IBAN
IBAN - (International Bank Account Number) means the international bank account number, which represents an alphanumeric code and uniquely identifies the bank account internationally. IBAN is in compliance with International Standard ISO 13616.

IBAN in Kosova
The implementation of IBAN in Kosova is defined by the Regulation of Kosova Central Bank on the Standard System of numbers of Bank Accounts.

Domestic banks' accounts, for international payment purposes, shall be converted to an IBAN format of 20 alphanumeric characters. The IBAN consists of the existing 16-digit account number by adding a four-digit code XK05, where the first two digits identify the Republic of Kosova in the international payment system.

Example, if the existing account number is 1901234567891011 then the IBAN number will be XK051901234567891011.

For all client accounts, the IBAN shall be generated corresponding to the respective account.

Please contact the nearest bank branch for generating your IBAN account and get acquainted with the instructions for international payments.

Your partners and family members outside of Kosova should be notified about the IBAN of the bank account and the SWIFT bank code before 02 February 2015.





Mr. Seyhan Pencabligil CEO of BKT, has been awarded as CEO of 2012 for Europe

Tirana, Albania (April 19th, 2013) – Banka Kombëtare Tregtare has been awarded for the third time consecutively as The Best Local Bank of Year in Albania by the prestigious British magazine EMEA Finance. At the same time Mr. Seyhan Pencabligil CEO of BKT has been awarded as CEO of 2012 for Europe by EMEA Finance. 


The Awards, which were recently announced, will be delivered in the ceremony that will take place in Vienna on June 5, 2013.


EMEA Finance, one of the most important financial magazines in the world that follows developments in the financial markets in emerging Europe, Middle East and Africa, awards each year best banks and financial institutions in these markets.  


BKT is the second largest bank and the oldest bank in Albania, having a total asset value of 2.3 billion USD and a total deposit of 1.9 billion USD.  BKT network includes 83 branches, out of which 59 are located in Albania and 24 in Kosova, becoming the largest Albanian bank in the region.  Lately, BKT has been awarded as “Best Bank in Albania for the year 2012” by the pre-eminent British magazine Euromoney magazine and also assigned a credit rating of AAA (ALB) by JCR Eurasia Rating, the highest possible rating taken by any Albanian bank.







JCR Eurasia Rating reaffirms AAA (Alb) to BKT for the fifth time in a row



Tirana, Albania (April 8th, 2013) – JCR Eurasia Rating has reaffirmed for the fifth time a credit rating of ‘AAA (Alb)’ along with a ‘stable’ outlook to Banka Kombetare Tregtare Sh.A. (BKT) on the long term national scale, which denotes the highest investment grade. Furthermore, JCR-ER has assigned a Long Term International Foreign and Local Currency Grade to BKT of “BB+”.


JCR Eurasia Rating is the Eurasian affiliate of Japan Credit Rating Agency, one of the most prestigious rating agencies in the world. 


AAA (Alb) stands for the highest possible evaluation within local market, showing that BKT is the most reliable and financially strong bank in Albania.


JCR-ER has observed that BKT achieved successful results and recorded growths well over the sector averages in all segments in 2012, thus reinforcing its second place market position and taking steps to take over the sector’s top position. The well-capitalized Bank’s generated internal resources will continue to be dynamic for its high growth. 


BKT is the second largest and the oldest commercial bank in Albania with a total of 2.3 billion USD in assets and 1.9 billion of USD in deposits. BKT network includes 83 branches out of which 59 are situated in Albania and 24 of them in Kosovo, making BKT the biggest Albanian bank in the region.

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