Training and development

Training & Development

Learning and Development is fundamental to individual performance, personal and professional development also to the success of BKT. Investing in the Development of Human Capital is a process that started since the privatization of our bank and continues to be among the most important policies of the Bank’s management.
 "Learning is integral part of BKT’s strategy"
Both work and the learning process are integrated in the BKT employee’s life. Our internal training curriculum includes banking, management and personal skills training programs. All employees have the opportunity to improve continuously their performance. We provide them with courses and programs that correspond to their position within the company as well as their training needs. In developing and delivering training programs, we make use of in-house expertise and frequently utilize the skills and experience of the best training participants with extensive expertise in the banking.
Tailor-made courses contain exactly the elements that are required for the organization and are specifically customized to different target groups. Tailor-made courses contain modules from any of BKT’s job positions and also featuring cross-cutting courses on soft skills management to motivate and lead the potential employees toward success.
All training courses/seminars take place in modern participatory learning methods, reflected in the structure of our trainings.
Each training orientation course initiates with an overview of BKT’s policies & procedures, and they are lectured by BKT Department Managers. Group discussions or exercises are applicable.
The continuous trainings have brought high professionalism among our employees and have resulted in the high performance of the bank.
International contemporary banking information in all profiles.
BKT, always develops important relations with national and international banking institutions, having high training reputation such as: World Saving Banks Institute ( WSBI/ ESBG), KPMG, “ Banking Association for Central East Europe (BACEE) “Euromoney Training EMEA”, “Jacob Fleming Group”, “Europe MasterCard Academy”, “Bordo Training Solution”, “Intotoplus Danismanlik” in Istanbul, Tirana University, Financial Institute of Banking and Insurance” ( IFIBI), “ The Experts” Center, Albanian Deposits Insurance Agency ( ASD), Albanian Association of Bankers, etc
Many employees have attended trainings in Europe and USA, showing the importance that we place to integrating our staff with the latest developments, products and the challenges of international banking market.

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